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Floral Galaxy Shorts

I had some extra floral galaxy fabric left over from my bathing suit and decided to make some shorts! These guys are made from the Matilda Leggings by Spit Up and Stilettos. You may remember, I previously made this pattern in Capri form, but wanted to try the shorts version for some time.

Floral Galaxy Shorts- Trish Stitched

I love that this pattern has the option for pants, capri’s and shorts and if you are still out of the loop- this pattern is FREE– along with all the Women’s patterns on the site!

Floral Galaxy Shorts- Trish Stitched

These shorts are awesome! They are going to be great for running, biking and even swimming (it is swim fabric after all)!

Floral Galaxy Shorts- Trish Stitched

Floral Galaxy Shorts- Trish Stitched

I’m currently using them for lounging because I am side lined from physical activity.  A week ago I dropped a cast iron- iron on my foot. I didn’t break my toe but, let’s just say it’s pretty bad. I still can’t cover it without pain but the bruise is finally going down. I can’t run for a few weeks so I won’t be able to do the half marathon I was planning on in October, and definitely won’t be doing the marathon I wanted to do in November but that means I have some more time to sew! Haha just kidding I’ll be using that time to sleep.

Floral Galaxy Shorts- Trish Stitched

I still have a little more fabric left over but it’ll be staying in my stash for now. Have you made a swimsuit before? What did you do with the leftover fabric?


8 thoughts on “Floral Galaxy Shorts

  1. You poor thing! I walked into a suitcase the week before a halfmarathon last year and that was painful enough. Can’t imagine what your toe feels like! Luckily, I could still take part in the HM. But it’s good you can see the bright side: More sewing time can’t be a bad thing! And the shorts are amazing. Well done! I’d definitely make a capri version as well. Even better for lounging. x


  2. LOVE the shorts!! but so sorry to hear about your toe, good thing you didn’t break it :/
    I will attempt to make my bathing suit hopefully soon 🙂 Thanks for all the wonderful resources XOXO


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