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Happy 1st Birthday Trish Stitched! Giveaway & Etsy Sale!

IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! Well, my blogs birthday! It has been exactly one year since opening my new etsy shop, and signing up for It has been a crazy year- so many new projects, so many new connections, I love my new home.


When I first started Trish Stitched, I was pretty much reinventing myself. My old name, Mini Pip, no longer felt like me and I was in a rut. I knew I wanted a name change but had no clue what to call myself. My name was no longer just about my etsy shop or my bags, but about my sewing adventures as a whole. Over the years, I’ve been sharing more apparel projects because I’m learning more and realizing just how much “handmade” means to me. I have such a special admiration for my wardrobe and it’s so cool to look in my closet and remember the occasion I made something for or how a garment was constructed. It’s a reminder of picking out fabrics, sewing the final buttons on or stitching a hem or how much I wanted a project to be over because I wanted to wear my new creation!

Because of my new name, I feel so much more confident talking to people about what I do. I can easily say, “I’m a seamstress! Wanna see my stuff just go to!” I wanted the freshest start I could get and changing my blog from typepad to wordpress was one of the best decisions I could have made. There is such a wonderful community on here and it’s so simple to discover other blogs and get inspired by other makers. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for all my readers. When I first blogged under Mini Pip, I would barely get any views and a comment… that was rare! It’s been very slow growth but that’s made me appreciate all of you so much more.


A birthday is all about gifts right? So I’m doing my very first giveaway! I’ll be giving away a matching pencil pouch & card holder in my favorite print (in the photos below)! To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post!! I’ll be leaving the giveaway open until February 24th, then announce the winner Friday, February 26th. This is only open to U.S. residents, sorry international readers!



And because I don’t want to give just one person a gift, there’s a little sale going on in my etsy shop! Take 10% off any bag in my etsy store with code YEARONE. I’m treating myself to a little cake so treat yourself to a new bag! Code is good until Friday February 26th.

I made the sweatshirt in the photos- It’s Astoria from Seamwork! Maybe it’s time I move away from the Seamwork patterns… nahhh, I love them!



17 thoughts on “Happy 1st Birthday Trish Stitched! Giveaway & Etsy Sale!

  1. Happy blogiversary!! I love keeping up with your posts and seeing your latest creations. I’m digging the Astoria you made – did you lengthen it? I had my eye on it and was wondering where it would fall on my frame. Love yours!


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