Me Made May

Me Made May 2017: Week 2 & 3

We are nearing the end of May and I still have handmade items to wear! The past two weeks have been going well, and we finally saw some nicer weather here in New Jersey, although it only lasted a few days.

Day 8: Moji & Lou Box Top. I love my polka dot Moji’s but feel like there’s a lot they don’t go with. I like wearing them with flowy shirts tucked in, so I paired them with my first Lou Box Top. I’m still not used to wearing causal, loose pants, so I never know what looks good with them!

Me Made May 2017: Week 2 & 3- Trish Stitched

Day 9: Baseball Skirt. Another pattern from Sew DIY, the baseball skirt is awesome. It has a great hem and nice size pockets.

Me Made May 2017: Week 2 & 3- Trish Stitched

Day 10: Sloan Leggings: I bought this floral active fabric from Joann’s and made a pair of leggings immediately after getting it. This is my third pair of Sloan leggings, I love each version I make! I’ll have a blog post about these soon…

Me Made May 2017: Week 2 & 3- Trish Stitched

Day 11: Cranberry Anorak:  Since my Kelly Anorak came into my life, this jacket hasn’t been worn much but it is still a favorite make. I always seem to forget the time spent on a project after making it, but I do remember this piece took a lot of altering and time.

Me Made May 2017: Week 2 & 3- Trish Stitched

Day 12: Ginger Jeans & Seamwork Oslo: One Day Without Shoes! I wore a pair of Ginger Jeans and my Tribal Oslo.

Day 13: Refashioned Flannel: One of my dad’s old flannel shirts transformed into a cuter piece.


Day 14: Striped Lou: I’ve made so many versions of the Lou Box Top, and each one gets its fair share of wear. This version is the first I made with the longer hem, and I love how different it looks from the others! How awesome is it that one pattern can make so many different looks?

Me Made May 2017: Week 2 & 3- Trish StitchedDSC_0012-009

Day 15: Galaxy Tank: A copy & paste tank I made a while back, with leftover fabric from a bathing suit.


Day 16: Coffee and Sewing: My mom bought a silhouette paper cutter a few months ago and I’ve been slowly learning how to use it. A few weeks ago I saw a mug with “Coffee and _____” on it (I can’t remember what the exact phrase was) and thought how cute would that phrase be on a shirt! So I learned how to make it on the Silhouette and this is the result! I’ll also be blogging about this piece soon…


Day 17: Sports Bra: Like I’ve said before, I wear sports bras even when I’m not active. And I love this one, so it’s been on rotation since I made it!

Purple Floral Workout Gear - Trish Stitched

Day 18: Colette Aster: I made this to see if it would be a good contender for farm work wear, and this day was my first day wearing it! It is the perfect blouse for farm work, and I will definitely have to make more.

Me Made May 2017: Week 2 & 3- Trish Stitched

Day 19: Turia Dungarees: Yes, I love them and now I have to make a bunch of different pairs! I think I’ll make a regular denim short pair, and the more I look at black overalls on pinterest, the more I want a pair!

Pant Set Refashion - Turia Dungarees with Embroidered Florals - Trish Stitched

Day 20: Refashioned Bomber: My project from #refashioners2016, definitely one of my  favorite refashions. This bomber was made from three pairs of jeans!

Me Made May 2017: Week 2 & 3- Trish Stitched

Day 21: Cactus Lou: My latest Lou Box Top, made with a hacked back. I loooove wearing this top and can’t wait to wear it when the weather stays warm!


We have less than a week to go, and while I’m pretty sure I’ll be wearing handmade’s almost every day after Me Made May, I’m ready to go back to days where I don’t take pictures of myself haha!


One thought on “Me Made May 2017: Week 2 & 3

  1. Awesome! It’s so great to see all of your pieces in action– the Cactus Lou Box Top is definitely one of my favorites!!


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